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Our Mission

Black Creek Wildlife Center specializes in rehabilitation of native mammals that have been injured or orphaned.

We also provide homes to many unwanted, abandoned exotic mammals and reptiles.

If you have found an animal in need please visit our contact page.

Breeding Programs

Black Creek Wildlife Center strives to influence the native endangered populations. We have a number of breeding programs that are for the direct growth of endangered and threatened species. Please Join our monthly email list to find out more about our breeding programs and their success.

Meet the Owner!

Just as all wildlife stories begin, from a young age Holly knew she wanted to do something to help animals in need.

So she began her career as a vet tech at a local veterinary clinic learning all the ins and outs of basic animal care. She purchased a little bit of land, and after many ups and downs, Black Creek Wildlife Center was born! 

Holly spends her days fielding rescue calls, caring for all the animals at her center, and educating everyone she meets about how to they can help animals in need.