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In a world where our native wildlife is facing ever increasing adversity for survival, it’s more important now than ever for all of us to do our part! 

At BCWC we do our part to help spark that passion in the outdoors with hands on interaction and education through our outreach programs! These programs allow people to see animals up close in ways they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to appreciate.

With the help of our wonderful animal ambassador team and volunteers we make it a reality!

Volunteer With Us 

We are often asked “How can I help conserve wildlife?” Our answer? “Get involved!” 

Our 30+ animal ambassadors play the most important role in conservation by creating passion for wildlife and wild places. We offer a variety of opportunities at the sanctuary from animal husbandry and habitat construction to outreach events. We frequently work with individuals of all ages (students, professionals, retirees, etc.) with diverse backgrounds here at our center. 

Does that mean you must have experience in one of those fields to volunteer with us? Absolutely not! At BCWC we are dedicated to wildlife and conservation education – which includes training our volunteer team. Orientations and training sessions are offered on a regular basis.

Email us today and come be a part of our family of volunteers.

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Scout Groups

Looking for something fun to do with your scouts? 

We offer many classes to help scouts learn important life skills and we provide a "Scout Certificate" to go along with any badge they may earn through their program.  

We are also a 501c3 non profit and always have habitats to build! Email us today.


BCWC has a few openings around the year for students to work directly and indirectly with the animals. 

Email us your resume to apply.